Web Page Designs

web page designs

Do’s and Don’ts of Web Page Designs

Here is a list of important things you must do and not do with your Web Page:

Page Counters: They do nothing more than making your website look amateur, messy and reveal the unnecessary or unwanted information about your website, that you had not wanted people to know. Ask your host for server statistics to know about the clicks and hitting of website.

Flashing Text

Websites that were designed by amateurs or in mid 90s are the ones that have flashing or blinking text on screen.

Titles that make Senses

Make titles on your webpage that make sense. It is one of the core attributes that your website or webpage has appropriate title. Incorporate the title in between the title tags and specifying the same helps to make it appear it appear on the top of web page and search engine both.

People are used to pay attention to the titles of the web pages and that’s why you need to provide clear message. Make it simple and expressive, not generalized.

Don’t Force to Download

Do not force your audience to download plugins, applications or anything that they might not like to until and unless people are dying to see your website. It will limit your audience and provide them with special feature or application. Today, the technologies can help to present you with fantastic looking pages and that too without jumping through these tactics.

No Cheating

Do not try to cheat search engines in order to get higher ranks. There used to be times when cheat tricks used to help you with gaining top ranks in search. Now try to fool Google and you ensure and pave way for your own website death, horrible way! Though it is important to get good ranks for your website, yet it is also highly recommended to follow the approved practices only. Good content and SEO based designs are a good combination,http://www.novage.com.sg provides high quality website design if you need to find a good create a good website.

Chat Rooms

While some people think of them as a crap yet, it is apparent to understand that they are important and come handy in emergency needs or assistance. If your website hosts a lot of traffic each month then it is a good investment to introduce chat rooms.

Flashy Intros

Flahsy introductions were a rage few years back but then we know Skip Intro is a common and most clicked button in today’s time. Instead of wasting your time with such tactics, better think of giving something useful to your audience.

Under Construction Pages

They are a big deal. Just forget them if your webpage is not ready, do not put it up. If you have some links that point out to such pages, just disable them. Do not put those cheesy lines and images for Under Construction signature. Instead, just disable the link else mention the last updated date if your page has some content that is crucial and readable.

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