Make Your Own Website

How To Make Your Own Website

Learning How To Make Your Own Website

In this age of information, a website is the ultimate platform for mass communication, but it can do so much more. Whether you want to sell a product, share a personal blog, or create an information site, you’ll need to either set it up yourself or pay someone to do it for you. Unless you plan on both profiting from your site and using a complicated design, the latter option is probably unnecessary at best.  Knowing how to make your website is a skill everyone should have luckily there are website builders like Bookmark that are simple and easy to use.

Buy a domain name

First, you’ll need to buy a domain name. Simply searching “buy domain names” in any given search engine will lead you to a multitude of companies selling them, but getting a good price is a different matter. You’ll need to determine if paying top dollar for a very searchable domain name is worth it. Single words are the hardest to acquire, especially if those words are common, and this is assuming the domain isn’t already actively being used by an existing business or individual. If the domain is already in use, you’ll need to email the owner and negotiate a sale and a price, if they’re even open to selling at all. This will usually be the most expensive option and should be reserved for only the most formal and expectantly profitable business ventures with the appropriate start-up capital.  Bookmark sells domains on their website, you can connect a domain to your website very easy and with no hassles.

If that isn’t in the cards, you can go for a domain name from a holding company, even if it isn’t the one you dreamed of. It’s still possible to get a relevant domain name that hasn’t been grabbed up yet, and ideally, you should check the price of multiple domain names. For example, is available from an attractive holding company for 8,500 dollars.

Buy hosting

After you purchase a domain name appropriate for your enterprise, you’ll need to buy hosting. Hosting companies can help you select the amount necessary for your website, but the general rule is that the smaller and simpler your website, the less you’ll need. Of course, you can also switch up your plan with experimentation if your hosting becomes inadequate or you suspect you’re buying above and beyond what you need.  Luckily Bookmark offers free hosting as part of your website building package.

Web Design

Next comes the fun part: You need to design your website. For most of your needs, you can download a simple WordPress template. Some are free, and some will require a small investment. Most of the free ones will be appropriate for personal blogs while the most expensive ones often fill the needs of informational sites. Still other templates would be best suited to product sales. Of course, if you can code or know your way around Web design software, customization becomes much easier. You can likely find some pieces of open source code floating around on the Web to help you with your endeavor as well. More than likely, only small amounts of customization will be necessary upfront, and those options will come with your template. As you gain knowledge, it can be fun to experiment, but an attractive and functional site can be made with nothing but a quality model.  Bookmark has the most beautiful website templates, simple find the one you want and start your website.

After your content is compiled onto your template, the settings are tweaked to your liking, and you have your domain name and hosting in order, all that’s left to do is upload your creation to the World Wide Web. There you have it! With a little software, a little knowledge, and a small amount of money, anyone can build a website.  We highly recommend Bookmark as your website builder of choice.

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