Career as a Truck Driver

truck driver

Career as a Truck Driver

You will find it convenient to work as a truck driver because of the predictability of the job. It gives you the peace of mind through knowing where you will be working daily, and what you will be doing. You also know beforehand the number of hours you need to commit to the job per week.

The other good thing with being a truck driver is that you can profit greatly if you are properly licensed, and if you put in enough man-hours. If this is where you see yourself, you first need to undergo training at a driving school. The driving school prepares you learn how to drive and pass the exam. An ideal school will assist you with finding a job.

What Training Do You Require?

Just like in any other career, knowledge is power when it comes to truck driving. Adapting to this career is easy when you have a lot of information about it. It will make is easy to work and learn the ropes.

In addition, you do not require much to qualify as a truck driver. The recommended situation is to attend a truck driving school for training. In the school, besides learning how to maneuver a truck, you also learn classroom skills that prepare you for the exam.

The training is importance since you have to pass the examination and thereafter get a cdl license. The license opens doors for you if you are going to become a truck driver. The driving school also prepares you for the market. While there, you get to interact with individuals who have experience in the market and know first-hand how a career as a truck driver is.

How Much Do You Earn?

There are many factors that determine how much you make as a truck driver. It is different from employer to employer and depending on the class of your license. There are other contributors such as how far you travel and the number of hours you put-in.

On average however, most truck drivers earn from about $30,000 which is the lower side for heavy fleet trucks to other amounts above this. If anything, this is a sound first salary especially since the training period is short, unlike degree programs. You are ready to go in just a month.

That’s not all, there are other benefits that accompany this salary and can push the starting salary up to around $40,000. This happens with most employers and especially to class A licenses.

When you count experience, it is a whole different story about pay. Experienced truck drivers with years of experience get an attractive rate. They normally get anything from $55,000 for about five to seven years’ experience, plus other benefits. The salary increases with more experience, and the number of fleets you have driven. The experience is also established based on the number of hours you have logged on the road.

truck driver

What you earn further depends on how long you stick with a particular company. The pay rate normally goes up every year. This is quite okay for a career that does not call for formal education or degree.

In terms of benefits, you expect, medical, dental, retirement benefits, sick leave and annual leave. These also range from one company to another.

Where Do You Get Paid More?

The best paying truck driving jobs comprise of those where you have to transport harmful chemicals, gas and others. You need your CDL Endorsements such as Hazmat for these jobs. Those who also get higher pay are those willing to do many hours and miles.

It therefore alludes that the best candidates for these kinds of jobs are young people who are less committed with family. They are well-posed to travel far, stay away for longer and are fit for these jobs.

Moreover, the best paid drivers are those who travel interstate, and those that stay on the road for a long. Furthermore, there are companies with appealing offers. It is possible to find one of these lucrative jobs since there are many companies which compete to get the best personnel.

Besides medical and dental benefits, these companies further provide truck drivers with stock options, retirement benefits in the likes of 401(k) and others. You also benefit more when you stay with a company for longer.

Furthermore, truck drivers get to enjoy life insurance policies, prescription cover and other medical packages for them and their families. There are also bonuses linked to this career which vary with position and company.

Upside and Downside of Driving

Truck driving has its advantages and disadvantages which is advisable to evaluate before you venture into this career. The advantages list as follows:

  • The starting pay is good
  • You do not require a degree or much schooling to become a truck driver
  • It is easy to find a job as a truck driver since a number of companies need one. You can even get one while in school or soon after you are let go by one company
  • You have the option to choose the fleet or truck you want, and whether to work interstate or in-state
  • There are benefits such as bonuses, medical cover, leave and sick-off
  • You can stick with this career for a long time

You may not like the following aspects about this job but it is important to know them anyway. The downside of being a truck driver is:

  • You have to have the proper licensing in order to find a job, and there are different types of licenses
  • It is a job that requires many hours on the road which could go beyond 12 hours
  • You have to stick to schedules and timelines
  • It is easy to get injured or become sick
  • This job is risky especially maneuvering heavy trucks and more so while transporting hazardous material. Accidents do happen
  • It is a demanding job that will harm your commitments to your family

Bottom Line

Being a truck is a great career choice with a sensible pay and flexible working terms anywhere in the United States. You have opportunities to grow and earn more. There are also limitations and demands from this job. There are sacrifices to be made, but ultimately, you have to understand what the job requires and find a good company to work for.

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